MailSlurp is an end-to-end email testing service. It has a web-app for managing your account and a REST API for sending and receiving emails from randomly generated email addresses.


MailSlurp was built to test the integration of email services within an app. If your application relies on the sending or receiving of emails, then MailSlurp will let you test that functionality. This is a more common need than you might think: if your app has a sign up process that requires email verification, how do you currently test that?

Getting started

Every API request requires a valid API Key appended as a query parameter. To obtain an API Key visit your account dashboard.

The general flow is as follows:

  • Create a new inbox during a test. The email address will be returned in the response.
  • Send an email to that address or trigger an action in your test that does so.
  • Fetch the email for your new inbox and check if its content is what you expected, or use the content in another action.



The Mailslurp API code is owned by PettmanUG and uses a proprietary software licence. The SDKs are free to use in any project and have an ISC licence.

Bugs, features, support

To report bugs or request features please see the contact page. For help see support.