MailSlurp enterprise customers benefit from service level afreements (SLAs) that guarantee uptime and support response times.


MailSlurp is hosted on AWS and has a 99% uptime guarantee. This means that MailSlurp will be available 99% of the time. If MailSlurp is unavailable for more than 1% of the time in a given month then customers are entitled to a refund of 10% of their monthly subscription fee.


Uptime can be observed via the independent monitoring service hosted at

Support response

PriorityCategoryResponse time
P1Critical production bug1 hour
P2Degraded performance4 hours
P3Unexpected non-optimal behavior36 hours

Escalation path is as follows:

  • Open chat ticket via support widget
  • Contact support via email or support form

Meaning of downtime

Downtime is when the main MailSlurp API available at is not responsive.