Introducing MailSlurp 2.0

MailSlurp has been totally rewritten. More functionality, more scale and more support. Plus sustainable pricing.

I'm very happy to announce the release of MailSlurp 2.0. MailSlurp started as a free experiment and subsequently became quite popular. But the MVP experimental nature of its design meant it didn't scale and was missing features. So with MailSlurp 2.0, the system was rewritten from the ground up, learning from user input to build a system that lasts.

What is it?

MailSlurp is an API for testing code with real email addresses. It has a REST API and several official SDK clients for a range of languages. It is designed for use in test suites that test functionality of applications that depend on emails in some way: be that user sign-up, notifications, support response etc. For more info, see the developer documentation.

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