MailSlurp can be used programmatically or visually as an application. This guide will show you where to find the MailSlurp Web App and how to use it.

Your Dashboard

The MailSlurp dashboard is located at

You'll need an account to use it. See the signing up guide for more information. Once you've created and confirmed your account you can log into the dashboard.

Homepage overview

When you first enter the MailSlurp dashboard you are greeted with a homepage that looks a little like this:

The dashboard homepage gives you a basic overview of your account and usage.

You can navigate to other areas of the dashboard using the sidebar navigation drawer on the left hand side:

Viewing and managing inboxes

To manage your MailSlurp inboxes click on the link in the left hand sidebar.

Listing inboxes

Inboxes are listed in the pages.

Deleting inboxes

You can delete an inbox by clicking the link in the inboxes table.

Creating email addresses

There are two ways to create email addresses (inboxes) in MailSlurp: using randomly assigned addresses or a custom domain with a specific address. The dashboard UI allows both options.

Randomized addresses

Custom domains


You can do so much more with the MailSlurp dashboard. We will cover all the features in future tutorials. Please contact support for more information.